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Why you need us?

Case scenerio: A crew of delivery personal doing 300 deliveries during meal time everyday, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Imagine at each shop you have with a fleet of 30 vehicles ranging from bicycles to electric bicycles to scooters to motorcyles. It is a crucial part of your business that your vehicals are working when needed and that they will make the deliveries on time. At any given moment you need all your assets running 100% so that you can make your deliveries. These vehicals are tools that are parts of the success of your operations. They are not to be taken lightly as each delivery incurs a cost from personnel, delivery time, to customer satisfaction.

Our selling point:

Imagine all your vehicles running when you need them. No late deliveries, no broken vehicles, no idle employees, no fix it tomorrow excuses, no idle assets...this all equates to quality management, profitability, and happy customer. Think of accountability for each vehical, listing of services rendered and data base of parts used. From management perspective, you can do cost analysis of the actual cost of each delivery. An intangible value to your operations is that with preventive maintanence and service yours assets are ready when needed thus you can run your delivery operations with ease.

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