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EV design electric bicycles improvements include: stronger mounts, stronger kickstand, lower gear ratio - more torque, simplier design - thus less things to break down. EV electric bicycles offers more reliability also the battery system is proprietary offering about 15% more distance per charge.

All of ourelectric bicycles are developed with the customer needs from over 7 years of commercial experience. From the early days of working with Papa John's Pizza providing just servicing to one location to now providing service to over 100 location for fast food delivery, we have hands on experience in servicing all brands of electric bicycles and have set bench mark standards for the industry in designing and manufacturing a stronger, more reliable, long lasting electric bicycle that is ready to take on the challenges of the delivery business..

Since 1999 we have tracked our maintanence service and preventive maintenance service for our clients, thus we are able to identify our clients needs and we have been able to double the usage life of our client's vehicles. EV design electric bicycles offers high reliability which means lower cost over the long term and also higher profits. Importantly our clients delivery assets are fully utilized.

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