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Top quality boxes:

These are the best delivery boxes on the market available today. You can order the boxes to the perfect size, color and shape for your delivery needs. Our partner factories produce top end boxes frabricated from high impact fiberglass that is resistent to scratches, water, impact, and will not fade or crack from normal usage.

All our boxes are designed with our clients in mind starting with the most basics of functionality to asthetics. From accessories such as place holder straps, foil insulation, snap on latches, soda holder, condiment fork, dish holder, air seal, to the double lining. Our mounting system is also different, yet simple but reliable offering more stability then just a few screws. Importantly we also have specially molded back pillion mounts for heavy duty usage.

All of our boxes are individually color coded and no two clients will have two of the same color. Box sizes are from a small size of to 35cm to 55cm in width and depth. All boxes are doubled layered with fiberglass.

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